Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I have three things to confess today.

First, I am addicted to twilight. I absolutely love these books and I was just thrilled to find out there is a partial book out on Stephenie Meyer's website. It got leaked to the public and she probably won't finish it now but I'll take what I can get. What can I say, I'm a sucker for a cheesy love story!

Second, I am big fan of a Disney Channel cartoon. If you have not seen Phineas and Ferb, you are missing out. It is clever and hilarious and I have to admit I would watch it even if I didn't have kids.

lastly, I am contemplating plastic surgery. I have a consult with a surgeon on Thursday just to ask questions and get informed. I won't go into detail, I will just say after breastfeeding two babies, I am wrecked. I would just like be back to my normal, nothing more. My mom thinks its a horrible idea but its not her body. I guess what it boils down to is that I'm 30 and I don't want to have certain body parts that look like they belong on a 60 year old. feel free to share your thoughts on this.

The shirts say it all!

Max's "lock up your daughters" shirt and Micah's "Barf Vader" shirt were suppose to be part of their Easter baskets (I know, nothing says celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus like funny t-shirts) but I just couldn't wait to put these shirts on the boys. They just seem so fitting.

a busy weekend

Happy Birthday Grandpa Butch!

Thursday night after work, I met my brother-in-law in Grayling to pick up my niece Katie. They live in Alpena. We got to Spend the weekend with Katie and it was really fun. Friday we went to the Midland Center for the Arts museum. They had a lizard and snake exhibit going on and Max thought it was all the rage. He also loved all the hands on stuff at the museum. We will have to go back soon. After the museum we met my mom for dinner. The boys were both really well behaved. You just never know how a restaurant trip is going to turn out.

I love this picture of Max and Katie!

When we got home that night, katie and I watched Twilight and talked about how dreamy Edward Cullins is. Fun.

Saturday we went to Grand Rapids for Grandma MacDonalds birthday party. Happy Birthday Grandma Mac! Katie and I snuck out and went to the River Town Crossings Mall. It was fun to hang out there. We didn't have a lot of time and we didn't buy anything but it was still fun. I always think its a tragedy to go shopping and not buy anything, but I got over it. Saturday night we had some friends over and just hung out. It was kind of a whirlwind day but nice.

Sunday the boys and I took Katie to my brother's house in Sugar Springs. My mom met us there. After some delicious pizza for lunch my mom took Katie to meet my sister so she could go home. The boys and I hung out with my brother and sister-in-law for awhile and then headed to Jason's parent's house. I love going to Jason's parent's house! It is always so comfortable there. We just visit and relax and I so enjoy their company. I am truly blessed to have such wonderful in-laws. After a couple of hours we headed home. Jason's dad ended up coming over a short time after we were home. It was his birthday on the 29th. Happy birthday Grandpa Butch! We celebrated his birthday and visited and then all we to bed.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My husband is home!

I have a new found respect for single moms. I have always respected them, my mom was one for many years, but now I have new insight. The boys and managed just fine while Jason was gone but I have to say I am very thankful that I don't have to do alone. I am also very thankful that I have a husband whom I am very much in love with and who is also my bestfriend. I missed him greatly while he was gone and it is great to have him home and I am not just saying this because he handled the boys so I could take a nap yesterday.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Baby Alex update

Alex had his surgery this morning. They are just finishing up and things went smoothly. Hopefully they will be on their way home in a weeks time. Thanks for everyone who prayed for the family.

yup sick again.

I gave up and took Max to the doctor this morning. He has had a sporadic fever since thursday and his cough is getting worse. He has bronchitis again and an ear infection. So both of the boys are on antibiotics now and Micah still does his breathing treatments 5 times a day. I hope I can keep all of this stuff straight. I'll probably be like a senile old lady who can't remember if she took her meds. "Now was it Max or Micah I gave that dose to?" Do they make those handy little days of week pill boxes for liquid meds too? I'm really hoping and praying we are getting to the end of these sick days.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

A day out

I decided the boys and I really needed to get out of the house today so I took them to the mall. We had lots of fun. One of the stores was having a kids day so Max got an animal balloon made by a clown. He refused to get his face painted. He had that alligator balloon destroyed by the time we got home but he had a blast with it. From the clown we headed to see the Easter Bunny and Max and Micah got their picture taken. Neither of them smiled but they weren't screaming so I call a successful shot. After we visited the Easter wonderland, we ate at McDonalds and headed to the play area. Max and Micah both had a riot. Micah loved to look in mirror that makes your body misshapen. It was funny to watch him crack up at his image. I usually have to drag Max out of the play area kicking and screaming but today he left voluntarily because he saw some rides. What happen to those rides being .25 cents? They are now .75 cents and about 30 seconds long. Kind of a rip off. Max rode the motorcycle and then he just played in the others. That was good enough for him. The boys both slept the ride home and were in good moods for the rest of night. It was a great day and good for us to get out.

Happy baby

This is a picture of a picture but you get the idea.
You like my hog?

When can I ride those?

Max in the little playhouse that was set up with the Easter Bunny.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Micah loves peanut butter

I know you are not suppose to give your kids peanut butter until they are over one but I never listened to this rule. I have always figured if my kids start having an allergic reaction I will know what to look for, I do work on an ambulance. So at a pretty young age I give it to them. Micah loves it. I have been on a peanut butter toast for breakfast kick lately so I let him suck the peanut butter off. He is like a little feen. It cracks me up. On a side note, it is always strange to me that Americans are so into peanut butter. My friend Blanca and pretty much everyone else I have met from Spain thinks its disgusting. Our friend Michael from England also hates it. I think maybe its like how Australians are the only ones who like veggie might sandwiches. Thats my great insight for the day......sad I know.

Panic stricken

It has been a long time since I felt pure panic. Yesterday I remembered how terrible that feeling is. It all happened when I ran into the garage for two seconds to put Jason's dry cleaning and the diaper bag in the car. I headed right back to grab the kids and run some errands. I get to the door to find that Max had locked it. So I thought, no big deal I will just go to the front door.....locked. Yup Max locked me out of the house. So I instantly try telling Max to just turn the handle but we have those handy child proof things on our door knobs so he can't get out. I remained calm for about two seconds and started to freak a little. I went around to the all the windows but they have latches on them so you can't get them open from the outside. I went back to garage and pleaded with Max to just push the put so I could open the door. He could sense my frustration because he was yelling at me, " Okay mama, huh". I was thinking OMG I am going to have to break a window or call the police to let me in my house. Jason's mom called and I broke down and freaked out. She was getting ready to head over to help me when I heard a click. Max got the door unlocked. All of this took place in about 10 minutes but it felt like an eternity. I think by tomorrow I will be able to laugh about it. I'm just glad Micah was playing happily and Max was just irritated with me for yelling at him from outside.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Max update

Well, Max's fever is gone and he hasn't thrown up anymore so I guess we will hold off on the doctor. I am hoping that was a short lived bug and its gone. Thanks to everyone who lets me vent and complain on this blog and actually keeps visiting it.


So last night Max threw up 3 times, started with a fever of 101.7 and coughed all night. I try not to be one of those moms that run to doctor for every little thing but its friday so I better go today because I know what will happen if I don't. I might as well rent a room at the pediatrician's office because we are there so much. This will be the third time this week. I'm starting to wonder if my kids are ever going to be healthy again.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hey Carol, can we borrow Amya's shirt that says, "I'd rather be naked"?

a rare thing

I was just messing around online while Max was playing and Micah is napping. I was checking out this great website that my mother-in-law has gotten me hooked on. You should check it out.

this woman is awesome. I love her site. Anyway, I noticed that it got really quiet so I turned around and noticed that Max had shut the TV off and climbed on the couch and went to sleep. Wow. its so quiet in here right now, I don't even know what to do with myself. I know, an uninterrupted lunch.

just some pictures

Micah is 8 1/2 months old and already gearing up for playstation.
both of the boys sleep in the car..........its great!

Micah hanging out in his jeep.

he hasn't quite figured out that he can make it go.

Baby alex update

Jeff, Sarah and baby Alex are in Ann Arbor right now. Alex is having surgery on Monday. They are all hanging in there and doing well. Keep them in your prayers. Thanks!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Oy......when will this end?

We had Micah back to the doctor's office on Monday because he became really wheezy. They said it was his RSV flaring up and they started him on breathing treatments. He is to be on them for a month and then they will test him for asthma if he is not better. I really hope he doesn't have asthma. This morning he woke up with a fever and throwing up. I am pretty sure his ear infection is back so we are going back to the doctor this morning. I feel so bad for him. He has been sick for 3 weeks now and just can't seem to kick it. Max has started with a cough the last couple of days too but he seems to be feeling fine and he isn't getting worse so we'll see what happens. Jason leaves for his boys weekend tomorrow and I hope he has so much fun but I think its going to be a long 5 days.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Congratulations Jeff and Sarah on the birth of your beautiful baby boy Alexander. He weighs 9 pounds 3 ounces and is 22 inches long. He is having some heart problems and will be having surgery in Ann arbor soon. Everyone keep him in your prayers. His prognosis looks great.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Congratulations Mitch and Cynthia!

Our friends Mitch and Cynthia got Married yesterday. They are having a big wedding next year in Eucador, where Cynthia is from, so they had a nice little legal ceremony here. They got married at Mountain Town in front of a beautiful fireplace. We then had dinner afterwards. Cynthia's family was able to fly in. It was so nice to meet them all. We were very excited to be able to join Mitch, Cynthia and their families on their special day. It was a beautiful wedding. Congrats guys! We love ya.

Yeah, we're here for the wedding.

Cynthia's brother Carlos and Max are buds.

Mitch and Cynthia......aren't they so cute!

Cynthia's family brought 50 roses from Eucador. They were so beautiful. You wouldn't believe how inexpensive roses are over there even if I told you. I don't know how I got so lucky but I got to bring 25 of them home with me.

Friday, March 13, 2009

We Have Teeth

Micah finally pushed his two bottom teeth through. It seemed to take him weeks to do it. We can just see them but they are definitely there. It won't be long until he'll be eating some of the food he so longily stares at.

Monday, March 9, 2009

um super nanny............we need you.

I don't really know when it happened but it seems it was over night that Maximo turned into a little monster. He is out of control. He has an attitude that would rival any 15 year old girl. He screams, he hits and he is just defiant. You would think that I let him get away with anything. He spends more time in the naughty chair than he does out of it. I'm hoping this is normal 2 year old behavior and I haven't already failed at parenting.

Now Micah, who is always laid back and content has decided in the last couple days that he is not happy unless you are holding his hands and letting him walk around the house. he so badly wants to be mobile but he refuses to crawl. So we walk and walk and walk some more. my back is breaking from being hunched over all day.

Jason is leaving next week for 5 days for his annual boys weekend (that has somehow turned into 5 days). I'm pretty sure I may be driven to pure madness while he's gone.

Famous Kitty

Our friends Jeff and Sarah's cat was on America's Funniest Home Videos last night. If anyone watched it was the cat being drapped around with a leash because she wouldn't do anything but be limp with her harness on. It was great to see our friends and thier cat on our TV. We wish them luck this week, Sarah is days over her due date and will probably be induced. I can't wait to meet little Alexander. Good luck!

Sunday, March 8, 2009


We did something I never thought we would do, we actually paid money to go see monster trucks. We did this just for Maximo.

We dropped Micah off with grandma and grandpa a little early and headed to the mall. We ate lunch and let max play in the play area he loves.It was tough getting him to leave, but once we mentioned monster trucks he was ready to go.

We got to the Dow Event Center and found that we actually had really go seats. We actually wanted seats kind of far away for safety reasons but of course we had front row seats. We brought ear protection because everyone said it was loud but I had no idea. Even with ear plugs, I felt like my ears were bleeding. Max was a little scared at first but this quickly turned into pure amazement. He didn't cheer or say anything, I actually don't even know if he blinked. He just stared.

It was entertaining but I don't think I'm ready to start following them around the country or even watch them on t.v. for that matter. The important thing is that Max's one word response, "awesome" was good enough for me. This even made up for the 300 pound women sitting behind me with a southern accent and a voice so piercing it cut through my ear protection and the noise of the monster trucks right to the base of skull. Did I mention she was the biggest fan ever and screamed, "bad to the bone baby" the whole time. I am not making this up. It was tragically bizarre. Anyway, we had a great day with Max and I loved it.

Friday, March 6, 2009

still sick

I ended up taking Micah to the ER last night. He has had a fever since Tuesday and was just miserable. He was crying for like two hours and now I know why, he has severe double ear infections. He was given a shot of Rocephin and by the time we left the ER, he was a new boy. I am so glad he is feeling better. The poor baby is fighting RSV, ear infections and teething like a mad man. Hopefully we are now on the road to recovery.
My good friend Jennie,who is a PA, was working in the ER last night. She took great care of Micah and it was very nice having a friend take care of him. Derek and Cheryl from work also popped in and helped me out. They are great friends and it was so nice to have them there.
Thanks guys, we love ya and really appreciate your friendship!

Monday, March 2, 2009


Jason has lost 12 pounds so far on weight watchers. I am very proud of him.
Keep up the good work sweets!
Love you.

Sick boys

Jason getting in a good nap with the boys.
Micah chewing on a butterfly before he was sick

Max came out of his room like this. He looked cute even though he felt terrible.

when Max is sick he knows he can get away with anything, like laying in his brothers bouncer.

Both of the boys are really sick. Max started on Thursday with a runny nose and a cough and I had him into the doctors friday morning with a temp of 103. He was diagnosed with bronchitis and the flu. Micah started with his cough and runny nose friday evening. He ran a bit of a fever on saturday and I took him into ready care yesterday morning. They gave me some decongestant for him which is just ridiculous so he is going back to the doctor this morning. I am pretty sure that if Max has bronchitis than Micah probably has the same thing. They have both been throwing up too. It has been a very long weekend. I called in sick today so I can try to get them feeling better. I hope they get better soon. It is such a terrible feeling when your kids are sick and you can't do anything to make them feel better.