Friday, March 30, 2012

full of excuses

I'm so full of excuses about this blog. I have been wanting to post for an entire month now! I have pictures of the butterfly house, Baltimore and our new house to post and haven't got to them. I am at work right now so I still can't post the pics but I will try to get to it tonight.

Life has been so busy! We got back from Baltimore and started packing and before I knew it we moved and have been in the new house for 1 week now. There is a lot of work to do but we have livable spaces so we're good. Our first project will be putting up railings on the stairs and building a 4 foot wall around the edges of the loft. You know, so the kids don't plummet to their death.

We have all been sleeping so well at the new house but somehow I'm still tired. I think I will be for awhile. Can't wait to start making the house our own and really get settled. Because we don't want the boys upstairs without railings up, Jason and I have been sleeping upstairs and we put the boys downstairs in the master. So we'll have to move everything when the railings are finished. Hopefully the boys will be excited and not throw a fit about giving up the master bedroom lol. They had the bigger room at our old house too. huh, how does that keep happening? anyway, look soon for pictures because I'm posting em! No, for real this time. I will really post pictures.