Friday, September 14, 2012

Summer Family Photos in Our New Backyard

 The fields behind and in front of our house get leased to a farmer.  This year he planted wheat and I loved looking at it.  I wish he could plant wheat every year. I love this picture of Micah. 
 It was so hot out when we were doing these pictures.  We waited until 7 pm to do them but it was still about 95 degrees.  It shows in a lot of pictures but we still managed to get some good ones.
 I love old barns and ours seems to make a pretty good back drop.

 Look at how hot this poor kid is.  He is still so handsome even if he is a little sweaty for these pictures.

This is my favorite picture!  I plan to get this in the largest size possible and hang it on a wall somewhere.


 We went to Tennessee in June for our friends Jeff and Janelle's wedding.  We rented a big cabin near Gatlinburg with our friends Bryce and Suria and their kids.  It was really fun!  We got to visit with lots a friends.  One of our friends tried to back his car out of the driveway and took on the curb the lost.
 The car was actually teetering on the curb with neither front or rear tire touching.  Because we're such good friends, we laughed and made fun of him.
 Tennessee is so beautiful. I just never get tired of looking at the mountains.

 The kids enjoying a Popsicle on the porch.,
 Daddy enjoying a pre-wedding nap
 We had a little time before the wedding so we took pictures of ourselves. The boys love taking pictures with my phone.
 I think this one is a nice shot!  I don't know, I could see this life size hanging in the living room.
 We weren't aloud to take pictures during the wedding so I have no actual proof that we attended a wedding but I assure you that we did and it was lovely.  We did get a family picture outside of the adorable chapel.  Micah would not cooperate.  He looks like this in almost every picture we try to do as a family.
 More beautiful scenery.

 Sleeping babe. I dread the day when they are too big to curl up and fall asleep in my lap.  That day is not too far off.
 handsome boy posing for his mom.

 Pool time.
 I often cry like this too when someone takes a Popsicle away from me.

 two cool guys.  at least they like to think so.
 Personally, I think this is much cooler look.
Sweet EmmaLou.

daddy stuff

 we got this gun for daddy for his birthday.  Max is modeling it.
 fishing with daddy.

The Saginaw Zoo

 We met my sister, her mom and step dad and my niece and nephews at the zoo this summer.  It was so great having all the kids play together and so nice that they got to spend time hanging out.
 He is getting so big!
 This cow had such buck teeth.   My sister and I could not stop laughing at this poor animal. I think you really had to be there to appreciate the hilarity of the situation.
 Gotta ride the train when we go to the zoo...........even if you are graduating from high school!
 fun on the carousal
I love this picture of the boys with my nephew Tyler.

Just some pictures over the summer that I liked

 Rainbow in our yard
 Maximo and his cousin Connor
 Micah wearing his gladiator helmet
 lol.  This will definitely be a "embarrass you in front of future girlfriend" picture
 Our house!
 by the look of his legs, he was in an actual sword fight.
 I mustache you a question..............he he he
Yes, I think he was tired.

What has become of this poor blog?

Its disgraceful what has happened to this blog!  I haven't updated this blog since May!  Its the middle of September.  Oh my goodness.  Well, lets get to it.