Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Detroit Zoo

I am so in love with this building. I think its gorgeous.

What beautiful mosaic work.

the gardens and butterflies inside were just as beautiful.

This was Max's attitude all day.

One of these tried to land on Micah and he freaked out. Only my child would be scared of a butterfly.

Grandma and Max having fun.

Me saving my child from those evil butterflies.

Look, grandma is a butterfly.

Micah is acting out the scene from Harry Potter where Harry speaks to the snake.

I can't believe how big these things are in real life. It was really impressive.

It was at this point that everyone was getting really tired and grumpy.

The boys loved the giraffes.

A wild animal was loose at the Detroit Zoo today while we were there. His name was Max. He was tired and grumpy and out of control and I'm pretty sure even the lions would have been scared of him. We were in Novi visiting my step mom, who is here from Florida. We were so close to the zoo, I thought it would be fun for us all to go. I was thinking to myself we will get to the zoo at 9 am and stay until noon or 1. the boys will sleep all the way home and it will be a great time. In reality, Max was tired the second we got to the zoo and threw fit after fit until I could take it no more. We left at 11. It wasn't all bad. We saw some great stuff and had fun it was just very trying. I have to remember that the boys are young and are going to have bad days especially when I tote them around the state all the time. I was just hoping the bad day wouldn't be when grandma, who rarely sees them was visiting.

Monday, July 26, 2010

The boys' latest pictures

Feeling like a girl

I love buying flowers from the farmer's market. They are so pretty. I would love to have fields of flowers one day.
There is something about canning that makes me feel like an accomplished woman. I know this sound silly but I am not good at these things so when I can make something, even as simple as dilly beans, I feel proud.

I made these flowers and added them to this garter for my friend Jen, who is getting married in October. Is it ugly? I hope not, because I gave it to her last night. Let me know what you think.

Sometime I feel like one of the guys. I live with all guys and I work with all guys. We have other women at work besides me, but I don't work with them, I work with all men. It is nice not to have the catty drama that comes with working with all women but sometimes I want to talk about girl things and not burps, farts and motorcycles. Its doesn't seem to matter if I am talking to the kids or the guys at work, its pretty much the same conversation. So little things like buying flowers at the farmers market, making beaded flowers and canning help me feel like a girl. Silly I know but whatever works right?

Dilly Beans

Its that time again to can dilly beans. We love them and I can't wait to eat em up. Its the only way I can get the boys to eat beans. That still counts as a vegetable right?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The John Ball Zoo

Yesterday we went to Grand Rapids to visit my friend Cynthia and her Brother Carlos who is visiting from Ecuador. Cynthia and her husband Mitch just moved to GR because Cynthia is starting med school next month. We are are proud of her. Anyway, we dragged Cynthia and Carlos to the zoo and wore them out. Thanks Guys!

Carlos helping Max check out the gators.

The zoo is exhausting.

The guys checking out the lions.

When I was pregnant for Max, Jason and I met some friends at the Cabin. There was a band playing and in the band there was a guy with a Mohawk playing the bongos. I told Jason that when Max was old enough I was going to give him a Mohawk and teach him how to play the bongos. Jason brought the fact to my attention that I didn't know how to play the bongos so it may be difficult for me to teach our son to play. Its okay though because apparently Max doesn't have much of an interest in the bongos. not sure why I just told you that but I did.

Maybe Micah will be my bongo baby.

nothing is cuter than baby goats.

Grandma and Grandpa, the boys want a baby goat.

This camel is named Angel and Angel is about to be ridden by a Max.

Placed on Angel and ready to go.

Hold on Max, that camel is going like 2 miles per hour.

Max felt so important after his ride.

The boys love to climb on things they are not suppose to climb on.

Hey, where you going with the wagon?

Max and Cynthia taking a breather.

I love this picture.

Fun with Aunt Lori

Aunt lori got the boys bubble guns

bubble guns are awesome.

especially when your chilaxing on the deck.

Don't you think they're fun Jessie?

Max loves hanging out with his big cousin Matt.

Micah loves cracking Aunt Lori up while playing train tracks.

We have been trying to get together with my sister for several weeks now. We finally made it over there on Monday. We all had a great time. Aunt Lori has the best toys!