Wednesday, July 13, 2011

bunk beds

We ordered the boys bunk beds about two months ago and they finally came in. Jason and I pulled them out of the box and I realized they ordered the wrong bunk beds. I was not happy. We did decide to keep them at a discounted price and they are nice but its frustrating when you wait so long and then don't really get what you want.
Anyway, the boys like them.

I love the bedding. I think its so cute and will hopefully grow with them for at least 5 years. All boys like dinosaurs right? The next step is tearing down the nursery and turning into an office/guest room. Sad but exciting.

Our first four wheeler accident

This + not paying attention =

scarface MacDonald.
Its not good to run your four wheeler into a bush.


Congrats to our friends Jessica and Chappy on the birth of their beautiful baby girl Ava. Ava was born on July 11th weighing in at 8 pounds 7 ounces and having a full head of hair. I love it! She is very precious and we are so happy for them!

Micah's Birthday

Micah turned 3 years old on the 2nd and we had a thomas the train paty.

It was a very fun but busy weekend.

all the kids had fun cooling off in the pool. It was only 95 degrees that day.

This is baby Ella chilling on the lawn. So cute!

This is baby Laine chilling on the lawn. So handsome. I should work on getting those two together.

This is Alex, Ella's big brother, he is ready to swim.

Grandma Betty and Grandma Dan were able to make it and it was so nice to see them.

Aunt Missy and Uncle Curt even made the trip from Grand Rapids...thanks guys!

Dad, I'm going to start you Panama Kojack!

The time fianlly came for Micah to get his big present....its a battery powered four wheeler....... oh ya

It took him a minute but he got it and then by the next day he was tearing around the yard.

Aunt Kate, Blake and baby Thomas in the oven.

Our great friends Mike and Amy came. Mike's parents are also here visiting from Florida right now so it was great to see them as well. Mike's dad George shares the same birthday as Micah so were happy to celebrate his birthday too.

Max and our little friend Morgan helped Micah open some of his gifts.

Make a wish big boy!

Ride Micah Ride!

Micah got this fun water slide for a gift. Max was happy to try it out for him. Its really fun I'm told.

Kevin's 40th birthday party

You can't have a birthday without cupcakes.
Jason loves having a captivated audiance.

Max had so much fun playing. I hardly saw him between playing, riding 4 wheelers, golf carts and zip lines.

You would think that we would have pictures of Kevin priest because it was his birthday party but somehow, we don't. Happy Birthday Kevin. We had a great time and it was so nice visiting with people we haven't seen in a long time.

Images I Like

I can't get Micah to keep his swim trunks on in the pool.

this picture cracks me up.

Its Official

Its official, Micah is potty trained. There will be no more diapers in the MacDonald house!

New pics

I just wish Micah didn't have such a goofy look on his face here.

We got these pictures done about 3 weeks ago and I am just now getting them onto the computer so I can order some. I had planned to have them ready to handout at Micah's birthday party. Oh well, better late than never.

Monday, July 11, 2011

I have so much to blog. I p,romise I will update this week. I still have to get Micah's birthday up, I'm so far behind.

Thank you that Chris' car got fixed

About two months ago a 19 year old kid showed up at our door and told us that his brakes had just gone out on his car. We were happy to help him with whatever he needed. His name was Chris and we found out that we knew his dad and his dad had told him to come to our house when he found out where he broke down. I think it must have been angels that had his car break down basically in front of our house. I say this because ever since that day, Max has been praying that Chris' car will get fixed. Now, it didn't take long for Chris' car to get fixed, about a week so Max changed his prayer to " Thank you that Chris' car got fixed."

It has been two months and Max never skips a beat. Whether we are praying for breakfast, lunch, dinner or bed time, Max thanks God that Chris' car is fixed. It makes me very proud that I not only have a son who prays but a son who thanks God for everything. Maybe I can get Chris to come back over so Max can see that his car is actually fixed and then I can have him start praying that my car lasts about two more years.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sad but exciting

Micah is potty trained! That means no more diapers for the MacDonald house. This is super exciting but at the same time a little sad. I think whether you have one child or 20, anytime you transition from one stage of your child's life to the next its bitter sweet.

We just ordered the boys some bunk beds and they will be sharing a room soon ( as soon as I find time to switch everything over that is) and I realized that we will no longer have a nursery. Very soon, there will no longer be a crib, diapers, changing table and all the cute little knickknacks that went into the nursery. It makes me sad but its time I guess. Besides, we all know that you can't fight time. We all try but time always wins. This is why I no longer get carded and have a ridiculous amount of gray hair.

So, goodbye baby stage and hello to whatever comes next.