Friday, February 25, 2011

Poor Max Attacks

Well, we just left the doctor's office and Max tested positive for the flu. He isn't throwing up but keeps saying his bones and his brain hurt. Its such a terrible feeling when your kids are sick and you can't do anything for them. I hope he feels better soon and that the rest of us don't get it. I think the PA wanted to give me a lecture about getting my kids the flu shot until she realized that both of the boys had their flu shots this fall. We're just that lucky.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bigger Than T-Rex Exhibit

I saw a dinosaur and it was this big!
This is a T-Rex skull and it was one of the smallest in the exhibit.

The boys liked the dinosaurs but really loved the motorcycle exhibit that was also there.

the boys were suppose to be good little paleontologist and uncover dinosaur bones but that lasted about 2 seconds and then they just threw the sand at each other.

Micah has to sit out twice for throwing sand. I'm such a mean mom.

No Max, you can't have one.

Work it Micah.

Life on the farm is kinda laid back, there ain't much a country boy like me can't hack. Its early to rise and early in the sack............

thank God I'm a country boy!

and leave it to the boys to find water to play in.

the museum has a great spot where the kids can play with instruments. The boys loved this.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A beautiful winter morn

By February, its hard to find something nice to say about winter but it was truly a beautiful morning. Every tree and bush is covered in thick frost and the sun hits it all and makes its shine. I love winter days like this!

I wish I had a nice camera and the photography skills to properly capture the day.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Chairman's Ball 2011

This was our 4th year attending the Saginaw Chamber of Commerse Chairman's Ball. We have such a great time every and this year was no exception.
This is Jason and I getting ready to go. I had my hair done and I really liked it.

We always attend a pre-party at our friends Lynn and Craig's house. Its such a nice time that we all have to be told to leave so we're not really late for the ball.

Not sure but I think this is Jay's version of fanning his feathers like a peacock. Poor Leslie.

Don't we look pretty!

A motley crew

Ken and Erin

I'm not so good at self portraits. I really need one of those cameras that has a screen on each side.

Becky and John

Jason got to sing with the band. He was really excited!

Erin and I

Melissa and Bill

a good time was had by all

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Max and the camera

I let Max have the camera the other day. This is what he produced with it.

I am told, this one is titled, "Batman".

Its nice that got a couple of Micah in for me.

The day before the thaw

Max and the neighbor girl hanging out. It was a nice sunny day but so cold with the wind. Not like today where its 40 degrees! I love it!

Valentine cookies

We Made Valentine heart cookies on Monday.
Max made a sandwich out of his and then took off to play. My kids are so weird, they won't eat fresh baked cookies, pop tarts, cupcakes or drink chocolate milk. If I didn't have c-section scars, I would question if they were mine. lol

Micah took one microscopic bite of cookie and then ate the frosting.
We had fun.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day