Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The New Pop-up

We baught a pop-up camper last week. We spent this weekend getting it all cleaned up. Thanks to several magic erasers, its looking great. It is a 93 but is in pretty good shape. We have our first camping trip this weekend!

Jason and Max slept in the camper this weekend. There is a queen size bed on one side and a full size bed on the other side.

Look, it already looks lived in. We are expecting to have lots of fun in here for years to come.

The Boat

So getting the boat into the pond at grandma and grandpa's house is apparently a big deal.

First you have to put two boys inside and pull with all of your might.

Then you get help to pull the boat.

Then people watch you and wonder what in the world you are doing.

Once the boat is to the water, you must don full body floatation devices and enter the boat.

Then you con uncle Lance into paddling because the battery to the trolling motor is dead. Sucker.

Finally, you try to look macho for the camera.

A Baby Shower for Brooke

Last Sunday we had a baby shower for my sister-in-law Brooke.

I loved the cupcake cake!
Kathy had this cute idea of hanging up all the outfits she got for baby Connor on this clothes line.

Brooke is ready to have Connor. Only 3 or 4 weeks left.

Of Course Brooke loved this Thirty One diaper bag I got her...lol

Blake had fun!

Brooke did pretty well and got most of what she still needed.

Grandma Kathy made this adorabloe sheet for the crib. I really need to learn to sew!

A Hillbilly Summer

The boys took the top of their turtle sandbox and made it into a little pool. They had a blast throwing rocks and golf balls into it all day.
For some reason they both insisted on wearing rain boots with their swim gear.

Micah cried......as usual

and then he had a lot of snot come out of his nose. We are such hillbillies.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Happy Anniversary

This Saturday Jason and I will have been married for seven years. I am so blessed to have such an amazing husband and wonderful family! Love you Jason!

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Thanks Micah for checking out my rain boots for me!
This week we planted some of our garden. We got the onions, strawberries, cabbage, lettuce, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower and peas planted. Don and Kathy have been giving me gardening 101 lessons. I really enjoy it! Don even showed me how to use this handy planter. Wow this thing makes life so much easier! So excited to plant the rest of our garden in a couple of weeks!

A birthday party for the neighbor girl

Our next door neighbor's daughter is like our daughter. She stays with us a lot and we love her like she's one of our own. Today is her birthday so we threw her a party yesterday and she spent the night with us. It was fun.....especially because I finally got to decorate with pink.

Max and his skin

NO, WE DID NOT BURN OUR CHILD WITH CIGARETTES! Max had a bunch of bumps scraped off at the dermatologist. This is after 3 days of healing.

Preprocedure lidocaine cream and cling wrap. Get Max all numbed up for his scraping.

Post procudure icecream always makes things better.

My poor Max attacks has such sensitive skin and has all kinds of problems. He gets eczema really bad and recently he started with all these little bumps on his arms. The doctor told me it was just a viral infection that a lot of kids get and that it would just go away. Well it started spreading to his other arm, leg and torso so I decided to take him to see his dermatologist. She said is was a viral infection but she wanted to take all those little bumps off. So, we got some numbing cream, put it on him and wrapped him in press and stick cling. I wasn't really expecting such an invasive procedure. Max did pretty well until he saw the blood running down his arm. When it was all said and done, he had these little scrapes all over his body and it really looked like we burned him all over with a cigarette. He is heeling up much better now but still looks like we abuse him. Good thing its been long sleeve weather the last couple of days!

Golf 101

The boys have been playing with a couple of Jason's old clubs. They love it! Micah has only gotten hit in the face once so I think we're doing pretty well. lol

Monday, May 9, 2011

Living with men

When living with a house full of guys, you tend to see a lot of this.

The Garden

We spent the afternoon preparing our garden for planting yesterday
Max was our little helper

Micah was a little grumpy. He has conjuctivitis so we let him be.

Brooke has a good excuse for not helping us rototill.

Jason started out

and I finished up. It was so nice being outside and working.

Grandpa got the tractor out and really worked the ground up. Now we are ready to plant our hardy stuff this week. The rest will go in the first of June. I don't really know a lot about gardening but Don and Kathy are showing me the ropes. I'm having a great time!

the surprise

So I decided it would be a good idea to have a surprise graduation party for Jason. I had it all planned out. He was going golfing with some friends and noon and then they would get him to go for a beer afterwards at the Mt. Pleasant Brewing Company (AKA the Tap Room). Well I noticed that our washer was leaking that morning and Jason decided to take on this job (as seen in picture above). To make a long story short, Jason broke a pipe, the laundry closet completely flooded and Jason told me he wasn't going golfing. To make another long story short, 3 trips to Home Depot later we got it fixed and cleaned up and Jason went golfing.
We really like the Tap Room. Its quaint and has a great atmosphere. They were nice enough to let us have Jason's party there and they catered appetizers. It was really nice.

I just invited our family and close friends. I wanted to invited everybody but had to keep it to about 30 people. This is Nate and Jen.

Jason's dad Dan and Grandma Betty were able to join us too.

I made these graduation cap pops. I think they turned out cute. I attempted a cake that ended up looking like Max decorated it so it got tossed in the garbage and I ordered one.

They did a much better job than I did lol

This is Melissa being her saucy self. Love that girl!

Me, Brooke and baby Conner who still has 2 months in the oven.

Mitch and Cynthia came all the way from Grand Rapids via the Thumb to be at Jay's party. Thanks guys!

Jessica and Chappy. That's not Jessica's beer by the way. he he he

Jason got lots of nice gifts. People kept buying him alcohol for some reason!

Look, another bottle.

Congrats baby!

Trevor bought Jason a gag gift that included pom poms. This is what happens when you give Jay poms. Notice his brother in the background instructing him on how its done.

The boys even got to join us a little later! They had fun too.

Here Mitch is instructing Max on the proper procedure to opening a peanut.

Micah loves Uncle Sharpie!

The boys took turns looking cool in these shades.

Jason's dad, brother and boys. What a great group of guys!

The surprise