Tuesday, December 30, 2008

some post Christmas insight

It occurred to me the other day that I am all grown up. It wasn't being married, owning a home or having two kids that made me realize this, it was being truely ecstatic to receive a Dust Buster and a bird feeder for Christmas. Its true.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Just some fun pictures

I love the blue lipstick. I guess the paper wasn't enough fun.
so, you come here often?

I love teasing Micah. I hate him teasing me!

I'm not doing anything wrong, look my hands have been in my pockets the whole time.

Max will do anything for a drink. If he was a girl, I would be really worried that this picture would end up on Girls Gone Wild in 16 years but the sippy cup would be replaced with a beer.

I think I need my diaper changed!

Raise your hand if you think I'm the coolest.

More Christmas

My sister Lori and her hubby Roger
My nephew Tyler and my sister-in-law Jodi

My brother Mike and niece Kennedy

Micah's first Christmas.........aaawww

Katie, Rory and Lance. I wish you could see Katie's belly. She has "popped" and she looks adorable. Just 3 more months and there will be another boy hanging out and Grandma Kathy's house. We can't wait.

Max was sure that Rory was not capable of opening his own presents so he of course took control of the situation.

I don't think Jason could deny him if he wanted to.

On Christmas day we went to Jason's mom's house and the day after Christmas Jason went to the Motor City Bowl and I took the kids to my sister's house to do Christmas. We had a lot of fun both days. My brother Mike, his wife Jodi and their kids were able to make it to my sister's house and it was great to see them. I think it had been about year since I've seen them last. Max had a ton of fun playing with his cousins my sister and Jodi had fun fighting over Micah. One of the reasons I love Christmas is that you get to see family and friends and catch up.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Morning

Max playing with his new geotrax fire station.
Jason pretending to be really excited about a new pair of gloves.

Micah wondering what is going on and please don't look at me.

Merry Christmas everyone! We wish all of you a very wonderful holiday. We enjoyed our morning, which started at 5 a.m., with the boys. It was so much fun watching Max tear into his gifts and Micah's and mine and Jason's. We are so very blessed to have such a wonderful life and beautiful boys. We are thankful everyday for what God provides but especially today on Christmas. Thanks!

Christmas at Grandma Tina's

Jon is very excited that I am taking his picture....can't you tell.
Grandma Tina's Christmas tree

Micah and Grandpa Roger

Micah and grandma Tina

Max jumping on uncle Jon

Micah and Momma pose for a picture

On Christmas Eve we braved the ice storm and made our way to my mom's house. My Dad, Brother Jon, and his wife Dani were there along with our crew. We had a great meal and exchanged some gifts. Max was pretty wound up, but we had a pretty good time.

Tell Steph we NEED a BIGGER T.V.

I have pirated my way into the blogosphere long enough to tell everyone that they should convince Steph we NEED a bigger T.V.
I saw a great deal on a 65 incher the other day and have been lamenting over the fact that it is not yet hanging on our wall.
The T.V. above is the one that my Brother-in-law and sister have, it's not quite 65 inches, but you get the idea.
We watched the Lions on it the other day and you could almost feel the despair oozing out of the screen straight from Ford Field.

Christmas with the Endres

We also celebrated Max's birthday while we were there. We had Madagascar cupcakes and lots of other deserts. Jason's sister Missy made and awesome spread and was nice enough to serve everyone.
Grandpa Dan and Maximo

Max putting Nick's had on uncle Curt.

Max rocking the house with his new guitar.

The Christmas tree with enough presents under it for about every child in Michigan.

First of all, I should have posted this a week ago. I have been terrible at posting lately. I guess it can be my new year's resolution. Anyway, on Sunday we went to Grand Rapids to celebrate Christmas with Jason's dad Dan and his brother and sisters. It was fun. Max and Micah got more toys than they knew what to do with. Max got a toy guitar that he won't put down. I am convinced he will be a rock star when he grows up. It was great to visit with everyone and there was only one small mishap. We managed to set Mandy's boyfriend on fire. Well, I guess he kind of set himself on fire. He sat down next to a candle and soon after that, someone pointed out that his shirt was on fire. he calmly stood up and said, "what" while about 3 people pounced on him to put the flames out. There was seriously a flame that went from the bottom of his shirt to his neck. The fire was put out the there really wasn't left much of the shirt. Once we knew he was okay, we yelled at Jay's brother Nick for not getting it on video. He had the camera in his hands, running and didn't get it.....tragic.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

a lot of snow

This picture doesn't show it well, but the snow was up to Max's knees.
Maximo is king of the snow hill.

this snow hill is taller than Jason's Kia. I know that doesn't take much but still.

We just got a big snow storm yesterday and we are supposed to get more tomorrow. I took Max out to play today but we didn't stay out long because it was so cold. I can't believe how much snow we have gotten this year already. We will definitely have a white Christmas.

A little practice

Max and Micah got a little practice opening gifts this week when Mitch brought some Christmas presents over for the boys. Cynthia is in Eucador right now visiting her family so I thought I would throw these pictures up so she could see how much the boys (including Mitch liked their presents. Thanks you guys!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol is one of my favorite stories. Every year I force Jason to watch it. We not only watch the Patrick Stewart version on TNT but we also watch Mickey's Christmas Carol on VHS. I have had it since I was a teenager. I think Jason doesn't care to watch it because he knows he is too much like Scrooge but I make him. Its a tradition for us. So last night I popped in the old VHS and got super excited and Jason grumbled and sighed. Max was finally old enough this year to pay attention and he really liked it. While the 30 minute Mickey version was playing, I was thinking two things. One, I would have to find this in DVD soon and second I could see the boys as teenagers complaining along with their dad that I was making them sit down to watch a dumb cartoon Christmas movie but would hopefully do it anyway to make their mom happy. I'm glad I have quite a few years of them being excited about it before they dread it.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Please Santa!

the shirt says it all!


Max checking out the remote for his new airport Geotrax.

I have to admit, its pretty cool.

Max's own tool set. Now he can stop stealing the screw driver out of the kitchen junk drawer. He is getting to tall. It gets harder everyday to keep thing out of his reach.

Grandma Tina

Cousin Matt holding Micah

Aunt Lori trying to get Max to crash.

Uncle Jon and Aunt Dani.

Aunt Lori and cousin Jess.

Grandpa Don, Micah and Great Grandma Mac

Did someone say cake?

Jason makes these oger ears look good.

We had a little tractor accident. Somehow (Maximo) a tractor ended up running into the side of the cake.

Today is Max's birthday. I can not believe he is two years old already. We celebrated yesterday with a Shrek themed party at Grandma and Grandpa David's. It was a really nice day visiting with everyone and watching Max, who is always the life of the party.