Sunday, June 27, 2010

Another busy day.

Today the boys, my niece Katie and I went to the Saginaw Zoo. We go to the zoo every year and always have a good time. its a small zoo but its nice. After the zoo we went to my Grandma's 90th birthday party. I didn't get any pictures because I used up my camera battery at the zoo but I put up a picture of my grandma from my mom's party yesterday. I think she looks great for 90. It was a nice day but exhausting.

A Loon's Game

Oh look, Micah is crying........

and crying ...

and crying.

After my mom's birthday party we met a work group at the Loon's game. Micah was super tired and super crabby. He spent his time crying and running up and down stairs. Max had the time of his life playing catch with some little boys he met at the game. I took Micah and my niece home after a couple of hours and Jason and Max stayed to watch some fireworks and finish the game out.

A surprise party

My brother, sister and I threw my mom a surpised 60th birthday party on Saturday. She had no clue and was very surprised. There was a great turn out and everyone had fun. She told me that she now understood why none of her friends called to wish her a happy birthday last week when it was her actualy birthday. It was a busy stressful day but well worth it for the look on her face when she walked through the door.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Messes and boots

Leave it to Max to be able to get gum stuck on his leg. I forgot he had it and he fell asleep with it. It got stuck between in leg and shorts. It took some work to get it off but we did. I'm just glad it didn't end up in someone's hair.

The boys love wearing these rain boots. Apparently Micah is starting a new trend by mixing it up a little. I should probably get another set so they stop fighting over them.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Last night Jason and I went with our friends Aaron and Melissa to DTE to see the Dave Matthew's Band. This was Aaron and Melissa's first Dave concert and my 7th. It wasn't my favorite Dave show but it was still great. These guys are just so talented, its always a joy to watch them. I just love all the instuments. Guitars, Drums, violin, flute, sax and a horn, you just don't get bands that diverse these days. By the way, I stole this picture from google because I we weren't this close and I haven't dealt with my pictures yet. I'll add some more tomorrow. We had a great time and managed to sneak out before a big thunderstorm hit. We actually left before they came back out for their encore presentation but i have to admit that I'm getting old and didn't want to get rained on while fighting a million people to get out there. Missing the last couple of songs was worth it.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Road to Insanity Check List

Diaper put through the wash and then placed into dryer to create a huge mess...........check

Every bin of toys dumped out on the floor by your 23 month old son.............................check

A complete red gogurt squirted out on my living room floor.............................................check

Our first call to poison control because previously mentioned 23 month old decided to shoot 4 vials of Xopenex in the 2 minutes I was folding laundry.....................................................check

All of the above done by 10 a.m..............................................................................................check

Micah is fine by the way. Poison control told us that he may be a bit over stimulated for a couple of hours but thats about it. that should make the day go better. ha ha ha.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Surprise, its not a surprise

I got Jason a grill for father's day. While he was at work Wednesday and while the boys were napping I put it together. 2 hours of installation later, I was finished with the grill and wheeled it across the street to the neighbor's garage so Jason wouldn't see it. I even got rid of the box so he wouldn't come across it. I was so excited to have a nice surprise for him. I decided to give Jason his grill on Saturday evening because Sunday was a busy day for us. I noticed that Jason didn't seem to surprised about the grill. Apparently Max had a conversation with Jason on Thursday that went something like this,
Daddy, We got you a new grill.
Jason: you got me a girl?
Max: No daddy, a grill and its in Carol's garage.
Oh well, at least he liked his gift even if it wasn't a surprise.