Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Oink Oink

So this was me over the holidays!...............

and this is more of what I'm looking for!

Guess I better get to work!

Friday, December 24, 2010

A Wonderful Christmas Eve

We started our day at my mom's house for an early Christmas. My dad joined us and it was great to have everyone together.

The boys had fun wrestling around with daddy.

Daddy had fun too.

Uncle Jon and Grandpa took in the chaos that follows my boys everywhere.

Of Course, we all had fun opening presents.

The boys got usual.

Even little Laine had fun I think. It was hard to pry him out of Grandma's arms to tell.

But I managed to do it.

Come on Grandpa, look at my new Thomas track.

A Christmas Eve gift

Its just not Christmas Eve without our traditional new PJ's gift and a book.
Can you see the disappointment in Max's face? I don't think he was hoping for new Pj's.

Micah loved his book and new Pj's.

and then Santa came.

Santa made a stop by the MacDonald house this evening. As he was walking up to the house, he got stopped by a police officer that was driving by to make sure he was on the up and up. I think that is hilarious. The boys had mixed emotions about Santa. Micah was too involved in his new Thomas the Train book to care about Santa and Max thought it was cool but didn't really think it out of the ordinary to see him. Why wouldn't Santa stop by to see Max?

A couple of gifts and hugs later, Santa was back on his way to deliver presents.

Thanks Santa!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Well I guess I'm not doing too bad

So I was feeling bad about not updating the blog in so long. I really like to keep up on this. I was thinking, "Man, I'm such a slacker" until I looked at everyone else's blog and noticed they hadn't really been updated much either. Thanks everyone for making me feel better. Tis the season for a million other things to do besides blog huh! Merry Christmas everyone and have a wonderful new year!

An Endres Christmas

Saturday we celebrated Christmas with the Endres side of family. The boys got spoiled rotten just like they do every year. Here's a picture of grandpa Dan with all the grandkids. I think they are a handsome bunch.

Aunt Missy and Layne.

Nick and Candice.

The motley crew...Missy, Nick, Mandy and Jay.

Dan, Grandma Betty and Jason.

Max playing Santa.

Micah just hanging out.

Chucke Cheese Please

Last Tuesday on Max's birthday we went to Chucke Cheese's. We had the entire place to ourselves and it was great. My mom, sister and niece met us there. We all had a great time. Jason was even able to leave work and meet us for a bit.

Max loves all the "shoot gun" games.

and of course the monster truck.

Micah went for the low key bus ride.

the boys both rode this roller roaster ride. It was the funniest thing to watch them. They both plugged their ears.

Micah rode this bike plane but he wasn't too sure about it.

Go Max go! I think Jason was letting him win but we won't tell Max that.


I haven't blogged in forever. This time of year seems so busy. So here we go, time to play catch up.

Friday, December 17, 2010

The conversations that we have

Jason: Max get that money away from your face, its dirty!

Max: Why?

Jason: Because a million people touch their butts and then touch that money. You don't want a million butt hands on your face do you?

Max: What?

Me: What?

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Max!

Happy Birthday to my little man Maximo! He is 4 going on 40 today. Hope you have a great birthday Max! We all love you very much!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Max's birthday party

Max's birthday is actually tomorrow on the 14th but we celebrated it on Saturday. It was a nice, laid back party spent with family. Tomorrow Max has a dentist appointment on his birthday. Good thing he likes the dentist. I actually scheduled this on purpose so we could leave to dentist, which is in Saginaw, and go right to chuckee cheeses. Grandma Tina, Daddy, Aunt Lori and cousin Jessie are meeting us for another little party. It should be a fun time.

As usual, Max got spoiled.

Micah managed to make both grandmas' day with some hugs.

We were thrilled that the baby showed up.......and of course my brother and sister-in-law.

Uncle Jon, who is in fishing ternaments all summer every year, was happy to get Max the fishing pole he wanted.

Crayola amazes me with the creative things they come up with for kids. Uncle Lance and Aunt Brooke got Max this thing that lets you put sound into your picture when you color. How cool is that?

Uncle Shane came through with an awesome Optimus Prime transformer that makes really loud noises. Thanks Uncle Shane! We love that you always buy the boys really loud toys!

We got Max a new bike. We were suppose to have Max's party at Jay's mom's house but Grandpa Don was sick so we moved the party to the church. Good thing, this gave Max a place to ride his new bike.

I think it was a hit.

Make a wish

Max loves his new cousin.

Micah loves cake!

A Christmas Program

Max does know how to make an entrance.

I didn't realize how tall he was until I saw all the kids lined up. Max is tallest in his class.

Can you see the Christmas joy just oozing from him?

Now thats a motley crew.