Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Soccer Champ

We signed Max up for smart start soccer this year. He got to learn the fundamentals and then on the last day he got to play a game. He had a really good time with it and I'm pretty sure he'll start playing real soccer next year.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

You have your a bar

We attended a funeral on Monday. Rest in Peace Uncle Mitch. As many people often do, we went to a bar afterwards. Being the good parents that we are, we brought our boys.
Max was instantly at home there. He was behind the bar, handling money, he even somehow got Jason and I on a football board and got the owner of the bar to agree to giving him guitar lessons. After we left, he told me he loved it there and was excited to tell all of his friends. I'm sure we'll be getting a call from his teacher.Maximo and grandpa managing a smile on a sad day.

Grandpa is schooling Max on how to be a man I'm sure.

Just like his dad, buying a round. Acutally, this was for a bag of chips.

And Micah passed out at the bar. We like to start em young. lol.

Monday, October 17, 2011

A Vamp Party

There ain't no party like vampire party....

Maximo, who has been picking out his own clothes, is a little behind on learning his letters. Who wants to focus on anything for more than 15 seconds? Thats no fun. Anyway, we have been picking a letter and focusing on that letter for the day. We read books that starts with that letter and try to make something for dinner that involves that letter and so on. The other day was "V" day so we decided to have a vampire party.

We decorated with streamers, made vampire masks and then Max decided he was bored with our vampire party so it was cut a little short.

I didn't even get to make vampire cookies. It was still fun though.

Fall Fun

The leaves have been changing for quite awhile now but all the trees in our yard change late. we are really just starting to see color.
The boys decided to help with yard work.
They drove their gator around pulling the wagon filled with leaves. They basically helped to relocate some leaves.

Max soon decided he also needed the 4 wheeler out.

Micah of course then wanted to ride the 4 wheeler instead of the gator. So being the brilliant mom that I am, I made them take turns.

This is what happened when it was Max's turn again.

and then it was Micah's turn again and the world was back on it's axis spinning normally.

Home Brew

We're brewing our own hard cider. I am so excited about this. I love a good cider drink and this recipe is suppose to be great! Now I will just have to wait about 5 months to give it a try.

I catch Jason staring at this thing all the time. He is quite amazed with the process involved and all the bubbles it creates. Its quite cute to watch him.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Finally caught up

So yesterday I spent several hours playing catching up on this blog. It took me 14 posts to do it. So you are interested in checking them out, you are going to need to click on "older posts" at the bottom several times because it took up that much space. I will be keeping up on the blog now on a regular was far too much trouble to play catch up lol.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Welcome Baby Thomas!

Welcome our new nephew Thomas. He was born on October 6th. He is happy and healthy and oh so cute!
I had to steal him away from grandma.

Max liked holding his baby cousin.


A Dr. Seuss Baby Shower

My great friend Jenni had a her baby shower on Sunday. I made these Thing One cupcakes that looked really cute until 5 minutes later the cotton candy melted all over. So on the way to the shower , I stopped and bought blue frosting to fix the problem.
This was the end result. Still cute but not as cute.

Jenni's sister -in- law Sarah made these adorable cat in the cat center pieces made out of diapers. She also had all the food named after fun Dr. Seuss names. She had the idea for these "Hop on Pop" caramel corn bags. I made the caramel corn and she made the stickers. We made a good team and the shower was adorable.

We can't wait to meet baby Kunik in about 6 weeks!

Happy 1st Birthday Laine!

My nephew Laine turned 1 on October 3rd. He had a super fun birthday party which included a hay wagon ride and horse back riding.
This was Max's first time on a horse. He has ridden a camel before, but not a horse.

He liked it.

Micah was going to go after that but decided against it in the end.

Happy Birthday big guy!

Cake time.

He liked it.

Halloween Camping in Higgins Lake

What an interesting trip we had. We left on a thursday evening. The last Thursday in September to be exact. It was pouring down rain and dark already. So I am not ashamed to say we stopped in Houghton Lake and stayed at a hotel. I thought pizza and a hot tub sounded better than setting up a pop up in the freezing cold rain with 2 kids. So Friday morning we left and got to our camp site. It was sprinkling on and off but much better than the night before. There were 40 mph wind gusts and we got a whopping high of 37 degrees that day. We were willing to tough it out until a tree fell on a transformer and all of Higgins Lake lost power. Lucky for us we were camping with friends that live 5 miles away. We stayed at there house that night and stayed very warm. Saturday was the trick or treating day. The boys made some Halloween crafts and had fun playing with friends. Our friend Steve puts on a huge display and decorates his entire site. I am sorry I didn't get pictures of it but I didn't bring my camera trick or treating.
Jason got right into the Halloween spirit or spirits I should say.

These are Steve's two sons and their awesome costumes.

The Old West Harvest Fest

We discovered the Old West Harvest Fest this year. Its in the Coleman area and its wonderful! We went on the opening day and it was a beautiful sunny day and we pretty much had the place to ourselves. There is so many fun things to do here. My mom joined us and we all had a great great time!
There is a petting zoo there and all the barns look like old west cute!

There is something about anything in miniature that makes you love it! Horses are no exception.

I don't really know why, but this is funny!

This Kid holding the bunny is a son of the owners and he was such a great kid! He was so awesome and patient with the boys!

There are few things in life that are cuter than baby goats.

The boys had fun checking out this Tepee with Grandma Tina

I will spare you any ass jokes but I am holding back several of them.

Good to know!

The hay wagon. We took a ride and went through a corn maze. The boys had so much fun playing hide and seek with grandma in the maze.

You could put some food down these tubes to feed the animals. the boys really enjoyed this.

This was one was looking for seconds.

They also have gold panning here. I love! The boys thought this was so cool. They panned for gold and then they got to take the gold they collected to the general store and trade it for candy and toys.

pretty good haul for his first panning experience.

Micah didn't get quite as much gold as Max but there gold some how weighed the same at the general store. These people and fun and smart!

The big weigh in was so suspenseful!

Micah was apparently not that thrilled about his findings.

He was much better when he saw the treats and toys his gold bought.

Next was cattle roping. Micah got this confused with cattle riding lol.

This same kid spent at least 20 min with Max teaching him to cattle rope.

Max did pretty well!

I made them take a picture with me. Man I'm so mean.

This is the closest I could get them in sitting next to each other for a pic. What are you gonna do?

Hay Wagon ride time.

Next we made candles. The boys have about 30 seconds of focus time so our candles didn't end up very big but it was fun regardless.

grandma helped Micah.

Its just funny.

We ended our trip with a covered wagon ride. Well, the boys weren't in a covered wagon but you get it.

completely exhausted after all that fun.