Friday, April 29, 2011

Well Done Baby!

Jason graduates with honors this Sunday from Davenport University with his Bachelor's in Business Administration. We are so very proud of him!

Well done baby!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Color Bubbles

Since the boys saw color bubbles on t.v., they have wanted them. So the Easter Bunny put some in their Easter Basket. We took them outside this evening and discovered they are the messiest thing on the planet.

They are thick and sloppy and get all over everything!

Including your lips!

and your arm

and your everything else. Let me also warn you that there will be a trail of color bubbles all the way to the bathtub. The commercial says they are completely washable. Max's white pants are on their second time through the wash. I'll let you know if they are really washable!

We will use these again but it will be in the summer when the boys can jump right in the inflatable pool when they are done getting colored!


We colored eggs last weekend but I am super behind on the blog so I am just posting them now.

They turned out great! I bought some neon die and the colors were really vibrant. I did one egg with an onion peel too. I loved how it turned out.

We made a big mess but had fun.

Yesterday I made this birthday cake for my nephew. I am really proud of how cute it turned out.

A friend at MOPS gave me this train track. Jason set it up last night so the boys would see it first thing this morning. They loved it!

Its big and noisy but lots of fun.

Micah and his Easter basket.

Max and his basket.

Happy Birthday Blake!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

More Butterflies

We went back to see the butterflies today with our MOPS group. Max was the butterfly whisperer
He got like 6 butterflies to sit on his finger.

This was Micah. He was screaming, crying and throwing a fit. It was one of those great mom moments! I loved the part where he tried to hit me in front of eveyone. Totally awesome!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Baby Brother

We celebrated my brother's birthday on Sunday at my mom's house. I made my spagetti sauce. This means the boys eat with no shirts on. They are some messy guys! Uncle Jason and Laine, who is getting so big!
Grandma and Laine
Jon got a boat pass for the lake near his house. Now he can use the new boat of his closer to home!
Little did he know he was only turning 5 today. We forgot candles.

Micah helped Uncle Jon blow out his candle. I was pretty proud of my creme de menthe cake I made. I only wish I could have had a piece of it. 12 more days until Easter....but who's counting?

Easter pics

I love this picture of Micah!

And I love this picture of Maximo!

This has to be a picture of Micah attempting to strangle Max because I can't believe they would freely hug each
My two little studs!

We hope you all have a happy Easter this year!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My attempt at Easter cupcakes

my little bird nest cupcakes
I was going to make little baby birds coming out of my toasted coconut nests but my frosting was way to soft to hold any kind of shape so I got the idea to just use Cadbury mini eggs, which for those of you who don't know, are the best things on the planet! I think they turned out pretty cute. This is as artistic as I get. I hope my MOPS girls like them tomorrow. The only problem with making these, is that I can't eat them because I gave up sweets for Lent. I couldn't even lick the batter :(

It was fun though. I really enjoy baking........I never thought I would hear myself say that. Next, I'll be driving a minivan lol.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Baby Shower

Congratulations Jeff and Janel! They are expecting a baby in July and then they will be getting married next July. We are so happy and excited for them! Janel has a perfect little basketball belly! She looks adorable!
The boys had a ton of fun running around playing.
Someone actually got them to sit down for a minute and play duck, duck, goose.

A little over night vacation

Max was on spring break this week so we wanted to do something fun with the boys. We decided to just head to Midland and stay at a hotel and let the boys swim and play. Our Wednesday morning started with a trip to Tumble Time with MOPS. From there we met Jason for lunch at our favorite Mexican Restaurant. Max ate 3 tacos and most of Micah's fries. Micah fell asleep on his chair and didn't really eat much of anything. Apparently Tumble Time wore him out! We didn't tell the boys were we were going until we were on our way. They were so excited!
We Stayed at the old Holiday Inn, which is now the Midland Resort. They have a nice shallow pool for the boys and this great play area! I used to work at this Holiday Inn when I was younger. It brought back some good memories.
We pretty much had this place to our selves, it was nice. We did run into some friends of mine from high school. They had their two sets of twin girls and we're doing the same thing we were, just getting away for the night for spring break.

This picture of Micah cracks me up! The boys loved eating these candy necklaces.
It was Grandpa Butch's birthday so Katie, Butch and Blake joined us for pizza and swimming. It was a lot of fun!
Blake and Uncle Jason hanging out
The boys before pool time