Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A rainbow

I wish a picture could do this rainbow justice but it just can't. There was actually a double rainbow here. You can barely make out the second one but it was there. This was the most vibrant rainbow I have seen in a long time. It was absolutely beautiful and I stared it for about 5 minutes. I was at work but usually always have my camera in my purse so I got to snap some pics. I wish they would have turned out better so you could see how pretty it was.

What are the boys going to be for Halloween?

Chip Monsters.


I thought things were suppose to slow down now that its fall and the weather is cooling down. Yeah, not so much. I feel like it has been so crazy busy and its not going to slow down for awhile. I'm in my very good friend Jenni's wedding this Saturday so Friday we are doing a spa day, which I'm super excited about, then rehearsal, then I'm sneaking out early to head to the Saginaw area to watch a football game and see my niece on homecoming court. Next weekend Jason's brother gets married so that will be really busy too. Throw work and preschool and a crazy dirty house in the mix and I feel like I never stop. My brother and his wife are having a baby any day now too. I'm hoping its during the week so I have lots of time to visit. I haven't even been able to blog that much. Jason is super busy with school so when he gets home from work he steals my computer and does homework so the blog has been neglected. While I'm at it I might as well mention that our awesome new babysitter who lives down the road just got accepted to the National Guard and leaves on the 6th. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Easy come easy go I guess. Vent session completed.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Late Summer at the Park

I love Chipp- A- Waters. I think its so pretty and there isn't a lot of people there. The play area is just right the boys and I can see them no matter where they play so I don't have follow them around the entire time we are at the park. Tuesday was a beautiful and very warm day. Probably one of the last we will have so after I picked Max up from preschool, we headed over to the park for a picnic and some play.

There is lots to play with but of course Max and Micah gravitated to sticks and the forest. Here Max is showing his brotherly love by poking Micah in the back with a stick. So sweet.

Max brought this magnet to the park. He had so much fun with it. He was sticking it to all the metal parts of the play area and also putting it down the slides.

Micah loves the slides. I can't wait until these boys are old enough to go to Cedar Point.

Max also thought they were a good time.

Max took a time out for some fudge.

I see you.

Max kept sticking his marble in the holes in the steps. It fit perfectly. He kept making it roll from one hole the next. It was fun to watch him.

And you thought that was natural curl

And so the truth comes out about Micah's curly hair. Max and Micah came with me to my friend Jenni's bridal shower this past weekend. The boys got to play in a little room at the church where the shower was held. Micah came out of the toy room sporting this. I thought it was hilarious.

A Weekend Full of Love

This past weekend I had two bridal showers and a weddding to attend. Saturday Was my friend Jenni's bridal shower. Her wedding is October 2 and I am so honored to be standing up in it. Saturday night was our friend Cindy's wedding in Lansing. It was a beautiful wedding and I'm bummed I didn't get any pictures. We had fun but my allergies were killing me and I felt miserable all day. Sunday was my future sister-in-law Brooke's bridal shower. Jason and Max are both in the wedding on October 9. We think Brooke is great and can't wait for her to be a part of our family. Both of the showers were beautiful and it was fun to see the differences between them. Its going to be a busy couple of weeks coming up.

Brooke and her friend Jess.

Brooke's mom, Brooke and mom -in-law Kathy.

My friend Jenni. She had picked orange and blue for her colors and I love it. Our dresses are orange and we are wear electric blue shoes. The colors looks so good together.

Jenni had to play the newly wed game. If she answered questions wrong, Max and Jenni's niece Olivia got to put hair clips in Jenni's hair. She did pretty good.

Max and his mouth

Max comes up with the greatest stuff. The other day I asked him if he wanted to wear pants or shorts. He told me he wanted to wear skin tight pants. I was a little confused about this so I said, "Skin tight pant?". He said yes like yours. Note to self, start dieting.

Yesterday we went to visit our friends Trevor and Mel. Micah walked over to their TV and of course new exactly which button turned it on. He pushed it and the TV popped on. Max looked at me and said in a very proud voice, "Wow mom, Micah is a genious!"

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The yelling brothers

Gucky Goo

Making the Pizza

Max did his best vacuum impression and cleaned the cheese off the counter for me.

I don't really know why, but we have never made pizzas at our house before. The last time I was at the store I decided to get some stuff and we would try it out. The boys and I had so much fun doing this. Max helped me put the toppings on and Micah ate all the cheese off. They turned out pretty good. We'll have to do this more often.

I know its early but....

I know its early but we painted some baby pumpkins already. Its hard for me not to buy these little pumpkins when I see them at the store. They are so cute and only .69 cents. So we got out the finger paints and went to town. The boys had just as much fun painting their hands as they did the pumpkins. The finger paint doesn't really ever dry on the pumpkins but its kind of nice because if they want to repaint them, I just wash them off and we start anew.

Can anyone tell me what this is?

I found this bug hanging out on our lawn mower. At first glance I thought it was a praying mantis but when I took a second look I realized I have never seen a bug like this before. I don't know what a locust looks like but for some reason, thats what I want to call it.

My Girls

Last week was my friend Windi's birthday so Saturday she had some girls over to celebrate. I don't get to see to my two best friends very often so it was a nice treat. We all just hung out and chatted. Its so nice to get some girl time!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Have I ever told you....

Have I ever told you how much I love our neighbor's tree? I'm especially fond of it after a wind
storm that blows all of these branches in our yard. lol

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Home Made Caramel Corn

I had a huge craving for homemade caramel corn. I was so excited to find that I had everything in the house to make it. Its my grandma's recipe and its so yummy.

Max's first day of preschool

Max started preschool today. I thought we would both be teary eyed but neither one of us was. Max was having too much fun the second he walked in the door to even realize I was leaving and I was too excited to go to the grocery store with only one child. I think when Max starts going to school all day every day I will be a wreck but two hours twice a week I can handle. Max had so much fun he didn't want to leave when I picked him up. I'm so glad he liked it.


We met our friends Bryce and Suria and their kids, Ryan and Ginger and their kids, Kim and Dan and their kids, and Janelle and her friend Jeff in Gatlinburg. We rented a big chalet in the mountains and it was beautiful. It was so much fun meeting up like that. The adults had fun and the kids had fun. It was a great weekend but went by too fast.

This is the main level living room of the house.

This was our bedroom. There were two bed rooms upstairs, two downstairs and one on the main level.

A shot of the cathedral ceilings and beautiful windows.

Looking down on the fireplace.

The upstairs living room.

and of course, the view! I loved to just stand on the deck and take it all in. The fresh mountain air made it that much better.

The ride up the mountain to the house was nothing less than scary. It was this tiny winding road with no guard rails on it. If you were to go off the road, you would surely plummet to your death down the mountain. Can't imagine what its like in the winter.

While we were there, we did a lot of this. Max loved to get in the "hot pool".

Micah worked on his tough man routine and played with this chain.

Jason did some cooking and just a little drinking. he he he.

a glimpse of the outside of the house.

The kids loved playing outside but we had to really watch them because the yard consisted of the side of a mountain. I was paranoid the kids were going to sneak outside and then need to be air lifted to a level one trauma center.

Ginger wanted to take Max home with her. It was a tempting offer.

Micah was pouting. I don't remember why but this face of his is tragically hilarious.

the kids wasted no time in the morning get down to the business of playing.

Alden is doing something here, just not sure what it is but Charlie liked watching him.

Me and Mr. Micalito.

Max loved hanging out with uncle Ryan.

we went to the water park one day. I really wish I would have brought my camera in because the boys had so much fun but I didn't want to worry about getting it wet so I left it. This is what happened when we got in the car. The boys made it all of 3 seconds before just passing out.

Bryce, Suria, Charlie, Jason, the boys and I went into Gatlinburg the last night we were there. There were a ton of people there but it was really fun just walking around and going into shops.

Max and Charlie played so well together. I wish we lived closer to them!

We found deep fried Oreos in a shop in Gatlinburg. If you are wondering how these tasted, my answer is like a little piece of heaven. Soooooo Good!


No, that's not Jason with Max. Its big foot.