Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The House..........98% finished.

Our new bathroom. All thats left to do is put up the trim and new shower curtain rod.

I just love it when the boys are sitting this close and not fighting. its random but I had to throw it in.

Max was nice enough to take a picture of the new area rug my mom got us for our new floor. Its an early birthday present and I love it.

my adorable husband has put so much work into this house the last couple of weeks. I loved him to pieces before but I now I super duper love him.

See what I mean.

Again, we need to finish putting the trim up but its done besides that. I am finding that this floor is really hard to keep clean. It shows everything but I don't care, I still love it!

Traverse City

Saturday I went up to Traverse City with 5 other girls for my friend Jenni's bachelorette party. Jenni is getting married October 2, 2010. We had a great time. Traverse city is always so beautiful and the weather was perfect all weekend.

This is at 2 Lads Vineyard. Its newer and very modern. They don't offer a lot of wines but I love this place for its industrial beauty. This is my friend Sarah enjoying her first vineyard trip.

The bride to be was also a vineyard tour virgin.

I love this picture! There was a group of classic cars doing the wine thing that day.

I love the old barn in the background. This is Chateau Chantel and its so very pretty. There is a panoramic view of grapes and water from this vineyard.

I could get used to looking at that everyday!

This pictures was taken at my favorite vineyard. Its called Bower's Harbor and its quaint and beautiful and besides wine, they also make cider. Its nice just to hang out there.

This is the roof of the walkway that welcomes you into Bower's Harbor.

From left, Erin, Jessica, Sarah, Jenni and Shannon.

I can't help but be attracted to the simple beauty of things. I just loved this chair so I snapped a pic. This was at the Black Star vineyard.

The bar here was made to look like a wine barrel. It was great. They also had a sign hanging up here that said, " unattended children will be given a shot of espresso and a free puppy". Every time I see that sign, it cracks me up.

When we got back to the hotel Jenni opened up some gifts. Now when she's married, she won't ever forget who she is..........Mrs. Kunik.

we did a roaring 20's theme for Jenni's party. She got a flapper's dress to wear out on the town. We all wore beads, boas and headbands. I don't mind saying we were adorable.

This was the headband we all wore. I made them and am quite proud of how they turned out.

I think Jenni looked fabulous!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A work in Progress

This weekend we gutted our bathroom.

gutting a bathroom takes awhile.

Good thing my husband is good at destroying things.

Good thing Max is good at supervising.

After we got everything cleared out, Jason layed the cement board.

And then the tile.

The next day I grouted.

Then as soon as we could, we got the toilet back in. That was a good thing.

We got the vanities in and they don't even leak. I love that my husband is the jack of all trades.

I love these vanities! Next comes putting in new lighting, painting and hanging mirrors. The color behing the vanities is what will be on the walls as soon as we patch a million and half drywall holes.

I think it looks pretty good so far. I am happy with the progress we made in just a couple of days. Thanks Jason for all of your hard work!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

You are not suppose to do that you little stinker

An early birthday get together

Sunday is my dad's birthday. Happy early birthday grandpa!

My dad's sister Mary, my aunt Judy and my dad's brother Tom.

Tuesday my dad, my uncle, his wife and my aunt came over to celebrate my dad and uncle Tom's birthdays. Its the first time they have all been together in 2 years. It was great to see everyone. We had a nice dinner together and boys were really good. Its great when everything just works. Hopefully we all don't have to wait another 2 years before getting together again.

Our New Table

We got this new table that has little stools that slide into it. We don't have a ton of space in our house so we thought this was a great way to add some seating when we have get togethers. I love it.

Max in mid sneeze and Micah taking a rest

Max is quite happy with the new table

What's better than the new table? The box.

This is what happens to your box art work when you get in the pool and then hop in.