Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Center for the Arts

Several weeks ago the boys and I went to the Midland Center for the Arts museum. We really like this museum but we especially like it when they have Blue Man Group and King Tut exhibits.

unfortunately, they wouldn't allow us to take pictures of the King Tut exhibit but they let us take all the pictures we wanted of the Making Wave Exhibit. The boys and I have actually been to this Blue Man Group exhibit before when it was at the Grand Rapids Children's Museum but it had been several years so we did it again.

The boys had lots of hands on fun making music and noise with all the tubes.

Max was drumming away!

Micah quickly followed suit.

One of Max's favorite things to do.....YELL!

I think they are just about ready to start their own band.

I don't even remember what this was but look, they are doing it together without throwing punches. Yay!

Maybe I should start him with piano lessons?

and Max could start with Xylophone lessons.........ok, maybe not.

We're definitely not going with the pipe organ.

This is the boys' favorite part of the museum, the big tractor. They love pretending to drive this thing and it actually looks quite real.

Don't fall in! I didn't bring another change of clothes.

I am quite fond of the mammoth skeleton myself. We had a nice time together at the museum and I am so glad we get to do things like this quite often.

Bathroom Silliness

Stickers make everything more fun!

The boys spent 20 minutes pretending to fall into the bathtub. I love the moments when they actually play together and have doing it. Love these boys!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Go Go Chicago!

I just took my first trip to Chicago! Jason and I went down for my cousin's wedding and stayed the weekend. I loved it!

They got married at Murphy's Auditorium which was so beautiful!

The weather was in the upper 50's and sunny and everything was still so green.

I love these beautiful stained glass windows!

My aunt and uncle looking so nice!

The happy couple Matt and Jessica!

My aunt Mary and cousin Nicole were able to make it to wedding too. So nice hanging out with them!

The reception was right on the river and it was so pretty! Jason enjoyed it!

Can't wait to go back to Chicago!

View from the Sears or Willis Tower as its now called.

They had these glass balconies to step out on. It was kind of freaky.

We went to Wrigleyville and hung out for a couple of hours. It was fun. The entire trip was great!

Tuned in to pass out

There is no way Jason can ever deny this kid lol!

Yard clean up

Yeah, I make this look good!

It is so much fun to jump in leaves!

So I planted a ton of pumpkins in our garden this year and I think they didn't get pollunated because we ended up with no pumpkins but apparently they grow wild in the empty lot kiddy corner from our yard.

Typical boy having a blast playing with a power tool.

Ok Micah, haul those leaves away!

Fall Farmer's Market Fun

We stopped by the Farmer's Market a couple of weeks ago to pick up a couple of things. The Farmer's Market is located at Island Park so of course we had to play at the park but not before we bought some super fun Halloween bread.

Micah wouldn't do this by himself this summer. My little man is growing up.

Max had fun watching the water splash when he jumped on this.

Peek a boo!

I'm going to do it again me.

Back to the Old West

We had so much fun the first time at the Old West Harvest Fest that we decided to go back with some friends. Max's best Buddy Chase met us there with his family.
We didn't even know that we had our own bridge.

The guys.

Max had so much fun in the corn maze. I only lost him twice.


Gold panning and hitting it big. I think they did better than the gold rush guys on tv.

Then on to candle making 101.

nothing cuter than a baby goat!

Its just funny

Hey, look at the three.....never mind.

Good times with great people!