Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The John Ball Zoo

 Last week Jason had a conference in Grand Rapids so the boys and I went along for a few days.  It was a beautiful day on Wednesday so we headed to the zoo.  My phone was about dead so we didn't get a lot of pictures but we managed to get some.  Here the boys are taking a ride on Emily the camel.
 Here we're checking out some monkeys.
 and back to the camel ride.  It was fun watching them.
 Max was pretty impressed with this bear.
 This started out as just a bear hug, but was quickly turning into a lesson on the birds and bees so we moved on.
 This picture doesn't do them justice but these eagles were quite impressive.
 Better get used to driving one of those Max.  You'll be doing a lot of that in a couple of years.
 And Micah, you better get used to being around goats because we'll be getting some of those too.
"look at the camera and say cheese!"  This is what I get, both staring off but at least they are smiling.  The zoo was fun. I love spending time with these guys.

and the work goes on

 Well, work is continuing on the house.  Jason got the drywall up and the spaces cut out for the wrought iron frames.  This weekend comes mudding and hopefully getting those frames started.

 In between working on the walls for the loft and everything  else, Jason got new metal roofing put up on the barn.
 its kind of hard to see in this picture but it looks really nice.  I can see now I'm going to want the rest of the roof replaced with the new stuff lol.
 Last weekend we decided to tackle this over grown rosebush that is next to the garden.
Look out rose bush, Jason the chainsaw plant massacrer is coming to get ya.
 a short time later the bush was cut and the mighty trailblazer was taking it away to meet its fiery death.  Well, it hasn't actually met its fiery death yet.  We tried to light it on fire but it was raining and even a half of gallon of gas didn't seem to help her to go so maybe this weekend it will meet its demise.
Here is the end result, a view to my garden.

working on the house has been a little slow moving but its fun.