Monday, August 29, 2011


This leaf is upside down because of my camera but I was amazed at how big it was. The Opryland hotel had amazing gardens throughout the hotel along with a river that runs through it, a waterfall and a guided boat tour that will take you throughout the hotel.
We went into Nashville one night. Its such a fun city!

There were over 8000 women at this convention and it was really amazing when we were all together for general session!

more beautiful sights from the hotel

I thought this was an adorable idea!

The view from my hotel room

I think this was be a great spot to get married.

Orchids are my favorite flower and they were everywhere throughout the hotel.

So simply pretty!

This picture doesn't do the hotel justice but this gives you an idea of what its like.

At the beginning of the month I went to Nashville for a Mothers Of Preschoolers (MOPS) conference. The conference is held at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel and its beautiful. I went to this same conference two years ago and this one was just as good. The conference is very uplifting and inspirational. With award winning music from Steven Curtis Chapman and guest speakers like Max Lucado, whats not to like. The most important thing I learned from this conference is that God has given each of us exactly what we need to mother our children and that we are the perfect parent for them. We each have been given gifts and God wants us to be bold, sensible and loving with those gifts.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Zoo

We went to the zoo like a month and half ago but I'm just blogging about it now. We met my sister and niece and nephew there and had a great time except for a peacock poop incident which I'll tell you about later on down the blog.

The gang ready to explore....

I love this picture of the guys! Max and Micah both adore Matt. They think he is the coolest and I do too.

every time we go to the zoo the otter is sleeping. This time he was out swimming and it was fun to watch him.

ahhhh.........the sun feels so good!

The Butterfly house at the Saginaw Children's zoo is nice but small.

I really like this picture

Max is the butterfly whisperer. Every time we go to a butterfly house, he always just walks over and picks them up. Nobody else could get a butterfly to sit on our finger.

Even for peacocks the decision between diet and regular can be difficult.

The boys love the train at the zoo.

a nice easy ride

There is a lot to think about on quiet train rides through the zoo.

Here here

Drive it like you own it Micah.

Max's turn.

its great when you go to the zoo and all the animals are out.

I think they are sizing each other up.

These bunnies where so fluffy!

Chillin like the cool guy he is.

We're finally to the peacock poop incident. Max saw the poop on the ground and for some reason thought it was something else besides peacock poop. So he reached down to grab it and it got all over his hand so of course, first instinct is to rub it on your pants. I got his hands cleaned up but didn't have another wipe on me for his pants so this is what happened.....

He was so upset about it, he picked some leaves off of a plant and started cleaning his pants.

Then Max stepped in water and was really upset. we had a fun time at the zoo but Max had a couple of difficult episodes he had to work through.

Thanks to Matt the boys got to get their "tatoos". Aunt Steph had no cash so Matt saved the day! I think I still owe him a couple bucks now that I think about it.

I was surprized that Micah sat still for as long as he did for this.

Max went alligator

Obviously the right choice, look how cool he is!

Micah went frog. It kind of ended up all over him but it was fun while it lasted.

How high can you jump?

They are in close proximity and fighting. It does happen! I love it!

We had a great time even with the peacock poop.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Such a slacker

Ok, it has been a super long time since I have updated the blog! I have pictures from the zoo, camping, garden and several other things that I would really like to post and blog about but I feel like I have no time this summer. I keep saying I will definitely update the blog today and then on my list of a million and one things to do blogging always gets pushed to the end and then at 11 p.m., I feel like doing nothing but going to bed.

I am leaving for Nashville tomorrow night and will be gone until Sunday but when I get back, I will have about 6 new posts of there, I hope.