Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Micah's Christmas program

Before I get too far into this story, let me remind you that Max's birthday party was the night before Micah's Christmas program. Micah started out real strong in the program. He loves to perform so we were expecting a good show from him.
Good job buddy! Way to get in there be involved with the program.

And this is where we can see things starting to go down hill. Micah asks his teacher if he can sit on her lap.

and then he's done. He just got out of his spot in line and decided he wanted to take a nap. When Micah wants to do something, he usually does it and its hard to stop him.

So Micah went to sleep in the middle of his Christmas program and his classmate started flashing the audiance. Good times.

Jason and surprises

My poor husband always tries to surprise me and he has never really been successful. I love that he tries though and I try to be supportive in his failed attempts. With that being said, we never really get each other anything for Christmas. I usually get us a couple of things to open on Christmas day but its never anything big. I did the same thing this year.

I worked on Friday the day before Christmas eve and when I got home we sat down for dinner. Max asked if he could pray and we of course let him. Max's prayer went something like this.

Max: Thank you Lord that we went to the jewerly store with daddy and bought mama some jewerly.

I instantly looked over at Jason and literally see his heart sink. I felt so bad for him but was laughing so hard I was crying. I was really surprised in that moment that I was getting a Christmas present and I was surprised on Christmas day when the one Pandora charm I expected to get turned out to be five charms.

I have a wonderful husband and wonderful kids and the best present of all is having them!

Happy Birthday Maximo!!!

My sweet litttle baby boy turned 5 on December 14th. How this is possible I know not but it has happened and my little guy is growing up.Max wanted a mohawk for his birthday so that morning we went and got one. Daddy said he could have it for Christmas break from school and then he had to get it cut off. We'll see.
I think it looks good on him.

Max got to have a Chucke E Cheese birthday party. There were 10 of his friends and a bunch of us grown ups. I think we all had a great time!

Savannah stopped her cool moves once the camera was on her.

Um Micah, this is the fun bus!

Our friend Morgan is getting ready to win some tickets.

Max and his best buddy Chase.

Pizza time!

Micah busting some moves with Ellie.

and finally it was time to get into the ticket blaster. Max was so excited about this!

Good tactic trying to catch those tickets in your shirt Max!

I felt a little bad for all of his friends. They wanted to go into the ticket blaster too!

Grab those tickets Max.

Then it was cake time. Good thing, that ticket blaster took a lot of energy!

Max got crowned the birthday boy.

Make a wish!

A crown and a metal, talk about the royal treatment.

Happy Birthday Max!

Of course a party would not be a party without presents!

Max had a very blessed and fun birthday!

Christmasy Things

We went to Santa's Village at the Saginaw County Fairgrounds again this year. My sister and her family came with us and we had a lot of fun. Max sat on Santa's lap and told about 15 things he wanted for Christmas.
Micah sat on the floor and cried because he didn't want to see Santa.

Jason ate some popcorn, and some deep fried Oreos and a deep fried snickers. It was all for research though so he could figure out how to make these things at home. Thanks Baby!

The carousal always brings a smile.

Even if you are 18 and 16 years old.

and painted up like a Thundercat.

The boys love this slide! Max went down it only about 30 times.

The grown ups had fun too.

When Max sat down to get his face painted, it kind of reminded me of when you get a tattoo. You sit down and go through the books and pick one you want. He was quite serious about it.

it was a work in progress.

It took about 5 minutes but in Max time it was like 5 hours.

I could not have planned this picture better. Red eyes when you actually want them lol.

Looking good kid!

they had this little train there that was not as exciting as they were expecting I think.

Micah loves trains though. I didn't get a good picture of the trains they had set up there but I couldn't get Micah away from them. It was the same thing last year. they have an entire village set up with numerous trains going through and Micah could watch it all day and be happy.

and then we get to the Christmas program at church.

Max was not really doing the moves. When we asked him why, he said because they were too girly.

Micah on the other hand is a little performer and had fun doing the program.

We went to the pancake breakfast with Santa at the Dicken's Christmas Festival this year. They had some reindeer out front that the boys were completely unimpressed with. They sure do know how to suck the life out Christmas sometimes.

The Peacock Brothers

I wrote and illustrated the boys a book for a Christmas present. I hope to do this every year for them. The story was easy but the illustrations were difficult. I can't really draw to save my life so its a good thing these pictures are for preschoolers. It took me about 45 minutes to an hour to do each page and there are 20 pages. I was so excited for the boys to open this up on Christmas day and when they did, they were so not interested. Oh well, I'm sure they will appreciate it one day. I really enjoyed doing this and look forward to the next one I do.
I forgot to flip my fox but you get the idea.

Random pics that I love

Max attacks and I indulging our sweet tooth at Tim Hortons.

We always joke that Micah is like a cat. If he wants attention he will come to you. Otherwise, don't touch him because he might attack you. In true feline fashine he lays on top of the couch chilaxing.

Max holding baby Conner lol.

You've almost got that wink down Micah. Keep at it buddy.