Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Rrrrr.....its a pirate kind of day

My mom got the boys this super fun pirate activity book for Valentine's day so we decided to make it a pirate day and play. The book has these cute punch out masks that turned Max and Micah into pirates and me into a mean fire breathing dragon (I know not a stretch for me).
Micah wasn't so interested but Max and I had fun running around. We even made Max a cardboard sword so he properly slay me. Good times.

Monday, February 22, 2010


Micah as the roto virus. The poor little guy started puking last night and woke up this morning with horrible diarrhea. I feel so bad for him and there is nothing I can do. I am worried about him and also worried that its going to make its way through our entire family. Its so contagious. So, everyone say a prayer that it stops with Micah and he feels better soon.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Chairman's Ball

Jason and I at the pre-party. Lots of fun!

Matt and Lisa.

Marshall and Leslie.

All of us just before heading over. We are fortunate to work with such great people that we can also call our friends.

Yesterday it was time again for the annual Chairman's Ball for the Saginaw Chamber of Commerse. We had a lot of fun. Its always nice to get dressed up and head out for a night. I look forward to it every year.

This is why we have kids right?

Longing For Summer

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Where do they come up with this stuff?

Max got all of his monster trucks taken away tonight for not picking up his toys. When I told him that his trucks were going away for awhile, he looked at me and said, "you're broke my heart mom, you broke my heart". Now thats just not playing fair. Luckily I was mad enough to not fall for that. I bet money he learned that one from his dad.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dinner Time Fun.

I know it sounds bad, but Max calls these drinks his "beer". Its cute until we are out in public and he asks people to hold his beer.

A friend of mine at MOPS told me that she puts food coloring in her kids macaroni and cheese to make it fun. I thought I would give it whirl. I went for blue but it came out kind of green. We'll have to do it again for St. Patrick's Day.

Gee Micah, you gotta little something on your face.

Time for clean up. Micah drags this chair all over to get into things he is not suppose to be into. Like playing in the facet, stealing the tooth paste off of the bathroom counter so he can eat it and he also uses it to get a better view of whatever he just put in the toilet. He's smart and sneaky, its a dangerous combination.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Great Valentine's gift

Saturday was a laid back day. I ran into town in the morning and ran some errands. We had plans to go to a friends house for dinner. I was getting ready to load up the car and I soon realized that I locked my only set of car keys in the car. We took Jason's car to our friends but we had find the extra car seats and put them in and to make a long story short, we were 45 minutes late for dinner. We had a nice time at dinner. The kids played and had a riot with our friend's 5 kids and then Micah threw up all over. He is such a puker. He had a little too much excitement. Well, its not a party until someone pukes. Its nice to have friends with kids because they don't even bat an eye when your kid pukes all over their kitchen table in the middle of dinner.
Today, my sweet husband cleaned the house for me for Valentine's day and paid 50 bucks to have my car unlocked. It was actually the best Valentine's gift I have ever gotten.

Monday, February 8, 2010

It starts so early

It starts so early. All of the things that I think I don't have to worry about until the boys get older seem to happen right now. For example, The boys discover they have a penis before they even know what a penis is. They play with it like they have no other toys in the world. I realized very quickly that this is not just a teenage boy thing but it pretty much starts at birth. Another example, I just woke Max up from an hour and a half nap because we need to get to an appointment. Max told me, in a very stern voice, "Mama, I need to rest before we go. Just give me 5 minutes. So leave me alone ok." So I thought this conversation was suppose to happen at age 13 not 3. I wonder what they will surprise me with next?


I think we are going to Florida at the end of April. We are heading down with Jason's parents and his sister. We will be staying just outside of Orlando. It sounds like so much fun and I am really looking forward to it. I think we might try to do Disney one day. If Jason and I both volunteer at the Mt. Pleasant food pantry, we can get a free ticket into the park. What a deal. Jason thinks the boys are too small for Disney but I say pish posh, they will love it. We'll see what happens. I better start saving my pennies now.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Our Coke problem

Jason and I have a Coke problem. A diet Coke problem. We drink a ton of it which means we have a ton of empty cans. Instead of taking the cans back a little at a time, we put them in giant contractor garbage bags and procrastinate on taking them back. I have taken them back the last 2 times. I hate doing it because I look like a bum and its a sticky mess. So today was Jason's lucky day. He is currently taking back about $40 worth of cans. I am really going to try to stay on top of this but it probably won't happen.

Messy couple of days

I managed to sit on this sandwich and squish into a heart shape. Just in time for Valentine's day, man I'm good.

Yesterday Max took a nap in our bed. He usually naps in our bed instead of his because his brother loves to go in and wake him up. While Max was taking his nap he had a little accident and wet his pants. So I washed all of our bedding. Its such a job but it got done and the bed got put back together in time for us to hit the hay. In the middle of the night Max got out of his bed and crawled into bed with us. At 4:30 this morning he woke up and said, "mama, I'm wet". The poor guy peed through his diaper and soaked our bed.......again. So I stripped the bed and just threw a sheet down so we could go back to sleep. So I spent half of the day washing all the bedding, including the comforter, again. I finally got everything washed and put back together and was feeling pretty good about it. Then, I went into Micah's room to play with him and sat right on a peanut butter sandwich. I got peanut butter all over my butt and all over the floor. It was funny but instantly made me think, oh man more laundry to do.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Silly Ground Hog

Does anyone remember the last time the ground hog did not see his shadow? Does anyone remember the last time Michigan had an early spring? Because I don't remember and I feel like we are over due. How did it come to pass that we put so much stock into the weather forecast of a woodland creature anyway? But, Here I am ranting and raging mad that the Punxsetawney Phil did not see his shadow. Silly little ground hog. Maybe next year he'll cut us some slack.

A Saturday full of fun

Saturday we took the boys and Sharpie to Chucke Cheeses. Max has been begging us to take him for weeks. Since he has been doing so well with using the big boy potty we thought it a good time to take him. We all had a riot at Chucke Cheeses. After we left there, we headed to a charity hockey game for work. The paramedics take on the doctors every year to raise money. They even get some NHL guys to play to up the stakes. Ure Fischer, who dropped dead on the ice during his red wings game and was brought back using an AED, Plays every year. It was a great time and of course the paramedics won..............again.

Everyone knows you should begin a fun filled day with a nap. While I ran some errands in town, Jason came out of the bathroom and found Micah sound asleep on the living room floor. I guess he was tired.

Micah walked up to this jump rope game and starting jumping like he knew exactly what he was doing. It was fun to watch.

Max was all about ski ball.

He also loved the shoot gun games.

Max and Sharpie getting their tickets counted so they could shop for prizes.

The hockey game was a lot of fun to watch and it was for charity so everybody wins.

Hockey games and Chucke Cheeses are really very exhausting. Both of the boys were sound asleep 2 minutes down the road. Micah stretched his hood out trying to get it off of his head. It ended up making a nice sleeping mask.